We help more than 23k children every year.
Global Education For Every Child In Need
We help more than 23k children every year.

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The Fajr Foundation's sole purpose is to provide a better life for all children.

We start by providing children their basic needs (food, clean water, clothing, and shelter). The Fajr Foundation provides free food for all children at our Soup Kitchen in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our Soup Kitchen opens the doors of the Fajr Foundation to all children, and then the children with the most need are able to have a permanent home with us here at the Fajr Foundation Orphanage. We then look beyond their basic needs, and encourage and empower all our children to pursue their dreams in life.

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How Can We Help?

we address underlying causes of poverty and rights denial, we develop and use approaches that result in lasting and fundamental improvements in the lives of the people we serve. We work to influence changes that are environmentally, socially and institutionally sustainable.

We ensure that families and organisations representing people living in poverty, especially women and girls, are partners at all stages in our programmes.

We work with others to maximise the impact of our programmes, building alliances and partnerships with those who offer complementary approaches, are able to scale up effective solutions, and/or have responsibility to fulfill rights and reduce poverty through policy change and implementation. 

We identify individuals and institutions with an obligation towards poor and affected families, and support and encourage their efforts to fulfill their responsibilities.

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